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The company has grown into a well structured professional operation providing quality on site and on line legal compliance services at very affordable prices.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm through accreditation body SGS for 15 years now we derive great benefits in maintaining our high standard of service.


Very few, if any, Occupational Health and Safety Legal Compliance agencies can boast a client base of over 2000 companyís nationwide.

The "unique" benchmark system used to ensure a reasonable level of compliance has led us to our success.

Staying focused and sticking to the basics is what the market requires.

Thatís exactly what we deliver. We adopt a no nonsense approach with no frills attached.

I call it good value, essential protection against criminal and civil liability risk.

We certainly have pioneered meaningful safety in a democratic South Africa.


Dr Nikoluas Eberl and myself are currently growing the Comply Online product designed to reach multiple site businesses. We have recently overhauled the program to now provide a much simpler, more meaningful product at a fraction of the cost. This online program is now taking Occupational Health and Safety into Africa through Companyís with Head Offices based in South Africa.

The African online program is structured around the OHSAS 1800 system as most countries north of South Africa have little if any Occupational Health and Safety legislation to go on.


Our Operator Safety Training Academy has grown extensively over the past three years providing all the necessary prescribed training at very competitive prices.

Special projects include schools and event safety.


We have downscaled our construction audit service as this market has become saturated with safety services. Our growth area here is with contractors in all industries who donít have the internal resources to comply. We provide off the shelf Health and Safety plans customised to suit their work activity.

Our Property Auditing and Inspection Services have expanded over the years due to our extensive knowledge and experience of this industry.


No changes to the current legislation which may affect ensuring a reasonable level of compliance. The Department of Labour have employed more inspectors nationally which means the chance of exposure is greater.

Further to the three CEO responsibilities we want to ensure a Policy Statement of Intent is developed, signed and communication down the line. We require this to be framed and is displayed as it creates a good first impression to employees and those visiting the premises. Visibility is key.

Occupational Health and Safety then becomes a standard item on the EXCO meeting agenda.


The Medical Association of South Africa has publicly announced that private doctors will no longer treat compensation cases, as the payment for services rendered is too long (up to 24 months). This however does not mean private hospitals are not treating compensation cases (they still do). Due to their size they are able to carry the debt for longer than private doctors.

Ensure that you send your employees to private hospitals for treatment if they are injured or contract some form of illness or disease in the course of their employment.


We continue to make CEOís, Executives and Management aware of the serious consequences of non-compliance. Once we convince them that compliance makes good business sense and they take ownership the workplace becomes safer for everyone.

Bottom Line Ė less accidents, better employee moral, more productivity and higher profits.

You're Safer With Us!