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One thing I have experienced over the past 15 years as an independent Occupational Health and Safety legal compliance service provider is the grave mistake of taking things for granted and getting into what I call "FAT CAT SYNDROME".

Since my very, very lean and very, very mean first 4 years of business we have grown from 8 clients to over 500. Our growth can be attributed to the fear of failure, the passion for what we are involved in and reliable honest service. I have placed most of my efforts into treating every prospect like they are my first and making sure that they are treated like my only.

I once saw a motivational video presentation by Jo Brown who based his success on continually being "Hungry". This is exactly how we started and will be how we end. During the last month I have had to quote against some competition in the market place and in all cases got the contracts. This got me thinking – why Scott-Safe?

Here’s why I believe you deal with Scott-Safe:
  • Focused on what we do – National Compliance Agents
  • Measurable legal compliance system – Simple to implement and maintain
  • Services are provided at reasonable rates, in some cases one third of competitors daily fees
  • Knowledge and experience - Technical qualifications and over 30 years in the business
  • Reputation – All new business is by word of mouth
  • Quick response – a client in Port Elizabeth called me for a fatality, I was there that afternoon
  • Helpful – If we can’t help you we’ll find you someone who can
  • Flexible – Accommodate any size client, no one is too small
  • Reliable, honest, loyal service – our core values
  • You’re safer with us – our brand promise
  • Credible – ISO 9000 quality assured firm
Frequently asked questions:

In the last quarter I had a number of queries relating to compensation for accidents in the course of employment. The purpose of the COID Act is to compensate full time and part time employees who are injured, contract an OTC or are killed in the course of their employment. This means claims liability is assessed by the commissioner based on what you are doing at the time of the accident and not where you are or what time it is.

If you what you were doing at the time of the accident was in the course of your employment and you were injured, contract an OTC disease or are killed then you are covered by the compensation fund. Your employer is legally obliged to process the claim and you are entitled to the benefits. Yes, even if it is a car accident while carrying out authorised work duties!

Department of Labour Update

The Department of Labour ‘Turnaround Strategy’ is proving to be very successful. We are receiving many calls from retail businesses, property management companies and small manufacturing and construction works regarding contraventions issued by the inspectorate.

The volume of inspectors trained and deployed nationally is improving enforcement and exposing commercial businesses who have never been exposed formally. Prepare yourself.

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